WFD Presents - FA: Fashion Week Collaboration

We are so excited to bring you this amazing collection of prints. The stunning art of Bree O'Mally ( comes to life in this absolutely beautiful and breathtaking round! Inspired by, and for Kirsti Fitzpatrick of George and Ginger Patterns (  

The art featured in this collection is the property of Melody Gibson and Fabric Anthropology.  We are not placing a bulk order through FA, rather we have reached an agreement with Melody and FA to run their rounds through us at Witzend Fabric Designs allowing for better access to Canadian customers. 


The designs will be offered on the following bases:

    • Cotton Lyrcra (95% cotton / 5% spandex) 220-240 gsm knit fabric
    • Bamboo Lycra (95% bamboo / 5% spandex) 230-240 gsm knit fabric
    • Swim (80% Polyester) / 20% Spandex) 230-240 gsm UPF 50
    • Chiffon ( 100% Polyester) 120-125gsm
    • Woven (100% cotton) 150 gsm

***Presale orders cannot be combined with retail orders.  Orders will be cancelled if combined.***

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