Witzend Fabric Designs FAQ


Who is Witzend Fabric Designs?  

Witzend is owned by Sara Machen and Jill Straus.  We are located in the Kitchener/Waterloo area in Ontario Canada.  We have been sewing and apart of the online fabric community for a few years.


Where can I purchase the fabric or find updates about my order?

Our website for purchasing is www.witzendfabricdesigns.com.   You must make a shopify account to use the website.  Once an account is made, it is easier for us and you to track your orders.  We have a sew and chat group on Facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/witzendfabricdesigns and a business Facebook page at www.facebook.com/witzendfabricdesigns.


How can I contact you?

You may email us at info@witzendfabricdesigns.com or send us a message through the business Facebook page at www.facebook.com/witzendfabricdesigns.


What type of fabric do you sell?
We offer several base fabrics. Our 95/5 Cotton Lycra is on either 220-230gsm or our heavier 260-280gsm base. Each round we will specify in the listing which base will be used. We offer 240-250gsm 95/5 French Terry, and 200-210gsm Double Brushed Poly. We also offer 2230gsm Bamboo Lycra. We also have Minky and our new base, Smoosh which is a 350-360gsm 95/5 double brushed poly.
What is the cost of the fabrics?
As of February 2018 we will be offering fabric by the meter, they will be priced at $28.00 for Cotton Lycra and French Terry. Bamboo lycra, DBP, Minky and Smoosh are all $29.00 per meter. All pricing is in Canadian dollars before taxes and shipping. Retail pricing will be $30.00 per meter for Cotton Lycra & French Terry plus tax and Shipping. Retail pricing on Bamboo lycra, DBP, Minky and Smoosh will be $31 per meter in Canadian dollars plus taxes and shipping.



Up until February 2018 fabric was sold by the yard and was priced at $26 Canadian plus HST and shipping. Witzmixes are currently offered by the yard and will be $27.00 Canadian plus HST and shipping. Retail pricing will be $28 per yard plus HST and shipping. Panels are 18” x 26” and are $9 during the presale and $10 at retail plus HST and shipping. Any rounds that were printed prior to February 2018 will still be be sold by the yard (Retail).


What are the shipping options/costs?

**NEW as of February 2018**
We are now offering flat rate shipping in Canada $13 to Ontario and Quebec and $17 to all other provinces.  The website will calculate weight based rates for tracked services to the USA and the rest of the world.
***Prior to February 2018 ** We used a tiered shipping system. 2 panels can ship lettermail to Canada for $5.21, the details are outlined below. 1-3 yards will cost $13.49 and 4-7 yards is $16.49. 8-10 yards is $19.99. 11+ yards will need to be weighed and invoiced separately. The initial charge is $30 and we will invoice or refund difference for this service. By completing your order, you are agreeing to pay any additional shipping owed.

Within Canada, we will be offering the option to ship UP TO 2 panels via lettermail shipping. If you order more than 2 panels and select this option - your order will be automatically cancelled. Lettermail does not provide tracking or delivery confirmation. When choosing the lettermail option, the buyer takes full responsibility for whatever happens to the package in the postal system.

For USA orders, we will ship using a tracked service and the rates are calculated at time of checkout.  International orders will need to be invoiced after they are packed and weighed. We will send an invoice for shipping.  Fabric will not ship until the invoice is paid.


I changed my mind, can I get a refund?

You may cancel an order WHILE that series of fabric is still open.  The refund is subject to a 10% administrative fee.  If we find a customer is ordering and cancelling too frequently that customer will not be permitted to purchase presale fabric.  Once the series has closed, orders are final and refunds are not available.  You are free to sell your fabric upon your receipt in one of the many B/S/T groups on Facebook.  Retail orders are final sale.


We have a 2-strike rule.  Strikes can be issued for cancelling orders, causing drama within social media, being disrespectful of our members, customers, or admin.  After two strikes you will be removed from all social media associated with Witzend Fabric Designs and blocked from ordering any fabric either presale or retail through the website.

How does this all work & how long does it take to get my fabric?

We will open a presale for a week, usually a Friday – Friday. During this time, you visit www.witzendfabricdesigns.com and place your order online.   Once that series of fabric closes we will place our order with the supplier.  The supplier prints and does post printing processing of the fabric – this takes 4-6 weeks approximately. Then the supplier ships it to us here in Canada.  The order may take 1-2 weeks to ship and clear customs and be delivered.  Once we have the fabric on hand, we plan to let it relax for a day or two, then we will cut the orders, pack them and ship to you.  This process could take us another week or so.  Shipping across the country and into the USA can take 5-7 business days.  You will receive a tracking # from us to track your package.  We can not control the postal system, so once we have mailed it, the remaining time is beyond our control.   You should expect to receive your fabric within 8-10 weeks of the series closing.  If this is ever impacted by a holiday, volume or shipping issue we will notify via the Facebook group.


What if I need to change my address?

There is a google doc that can be filled out for change of address:


You will need your name, email, order # and new address to fill out the form properly.   If you do not have all 4 pieces of info completed we will try to contact you to verify.  If we can not contact you we will ship to the PayPal address provided.  We will announce last call for making address changes prior to cutting and packing the fabric.


What if I miss the presale?

If you don’t order during the presale, we can not guarantee fabric availability.  We will order extras to cover for flaws, issues, and small amount to be sold ready to ship once all the presale orders are out.

You can keep up to date on the presale and on potential retail stockings in our Facebook group.


Do you combine orders?

We will combine presale orders placed during the open presale.  Once the presale has closed we can not guarantee fabric availability and therefore addon orders after the presale can not be completed.  If we find that combining orders cause too many delays or issues during the packing/shipping stage we may in future discontinue the combining of orders.  We hope we do not need to do so.  We can not combine Retail and presale orders as we can not store the retail fabrics in house for that length of time.


Do you offer Layaway?

Yes. We have recently decided to trial a layaway system. The terms are located in their own document in the group files.  https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/layaway.pdf?token=AWwWgUT1akxRWs2DKGYChJCRLKnCQkrfZQMcrRzmpF6pbu7Q8wlhxAJWG0zWZ36RPCfhVPb_r5Dq6iDfG_Vu9IVptcxYgWwlETFo6afjWe31_vvWqX7-PqxZENCQvw5F47JndeoBcuMz_MCeLlvProfR 

What do I do if my fabric has flaws?

Digitally printed fabric may have flaws close to the selvage or small white speckles throughout the design. If the flaw is smaller than the size of a quarter a refund will not be issued.  We check all fabric while we are cutting, but may miss a flaw. If you have a flaw that is larger then a quarter and more than 3” away from either selvedge edge we will refund at a rate of $0.70 per inch of affected fabric.    If at anytime you are concerned please contact us.  Please check your fabric before washing it as no refund will be offered if fabric has been washed or cut.  If you have any issue with your order you must contact us within 3 days of receipt.  


We will offer a refund/discount or replacement within 1 week of receiving the fabric if the fabric was shorter then 36” before washing, or you find a flaw we missed during the cutting process.  Each case will be handled individually and we will strive for customer satisfaction.


My package was delivered looking like it was in a Tornado!

Unfortunately, damages cause by Canada post or USPS is not covered by Witzend Fabric Designs.  You may have some recourse through the postal service.  We will make sure your fabric is packed and protected properly before shipping.  Canada post offers $100 and USPS offers $50 of coverage.  We are not responsible for the package once it has shipped.  We will do what we can to help any customer that has damaged caused by the shipping service.


How do I wash my fabric so it doesn’t get ruined?

We recommend washing on Cold/warm with like colours.  DO NOT USE BLEACH.  Colour catchers can be added to the wash.  They absorb the residual dye that runs into the water and helps prevent bleeding.  Do not leave your wet fabric sit in the washing machine – this is when bleeding is most likely to occur.  Dry on hot to preshrink your fabric before sewing garments to ensure they fit properly after laundering. 

This is digital printed fabric, it is common with any digital printed fabric to experience fading. There are a few natural remedies you could use at home to help prolong the colours in your fabric. A few of these include washing in cold water, salt soaks, vinegar soaks or baking soda. Please be sure to research these techniques before using them. 

Whose artwork is this?

The artwork is property of Witzend Fabric Designs (Sara Machen and Jill Straus).  All images shared in the group, on the Facebook page, and the website are original pieces of our art. From time to time our designs will feature artwork from other artists in the form of clipart or digital stamps. We use this art, along with our own to create unique fabric designs.  Any reproduction or theft of our art is strictly prohibited and will result in legal action and immediate removal from all Witzend related social media and we will cancel and current or future orders via the website.


The colours don’t appear the same as they did on the computer?

We will be sharing digital images from our design program and fabric strike offs (printed samples) while the series of fabric is available for order.   The colours of the digital image do not always translate precisely to printed fabric.  So please watch for the items our talented seamstresses have sewn up.  This should give you a better idea.  We will share images of the strike offs before washing & sewing and will do our very best to accurately capture the colour.  However, everyone’s computer and phone screens will not show it the same.


What exactly is the Facebook Sew and Chat group?

www.Facebook.com/groups/witzendfabricdesigns is the main way to stay notified of upcoming sales, retail announcements and any issues.  If you place an order with us, it is in your best interest to join the group.   We hope the group is a fun and informative place.  We’d love it if you share your creations made with Witzend fabric.  Please do not use the group to promote sales of other custom fabric groups.  You may present any item you have sewn during a pattern test using Witzend fabric.  You may mention the designer and the pattern name and release date in your post.  Please keep all tags, coupon codes, and links to external websites in the comments.   We hope to use this group to form relationships with our sewing and fabric community and customers.   We support and respect all the WAHM’s and small business owners of the community.  This is intended to be a no-drama zone.  Please help keep this group a happy and friendly place to be.    We reserve the right to remove any member from the group who causes drama, steals artwork, is rude to the admins and members, without notice.  We will contact said members about the reason for removal upon doing so.